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hi there! take a look into my life...
I'm Sophia, your new professional third wheel! Take me on one of your rad dates to start! 
I've seen so many about me’s start off by “I’m the girl behind the lens,” but I believe I’m more than that. As a photographer, I do more than click the button for you. I like to capture every special moment for my clients to remember forever.
I’m not the type of girl that likes to talk about herself, I believe people around you know you better than yourself, but I will try and give you as much detail as I can.
First off, I'm now 26 years old! Even though I was raised in New York City, I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii! How fun right? Unfortunately, my parents decided to move to NY when I wasn’t even a year old, bummer. That being said, Staten Island is my home town! My dad always told me that when he was taking pictures or videos of my sister and I that I would always try and grab the camera from him. I guess you could say I’ve always wanted to be a photographer!
After growing up and going through my teen years, I knew I wasn’t ready for college, but who is at 18!? I decided to join the US Navy and thank God I did. I learned so much about myself and how to be an adult. I grew up fast at just 19 years old. After boot camp, I went to Mississippi to learn my job and that’s how I met my husband! Nick and I were both lucky  to be stationed in Washington state, Nick’s home state coincidentally. I must add, if you ever get a chance to visit the Pacific North West, do it!! It is such a beautiful coast, I fell in love. Being that I was stationed in Washington, I also deployed to Bahrain, Japan, Qatar, Guam, and Hawaii. I separated in March 2017 as an E-5. Nick and I moved back to New Jersey to attend school, Borough of Manhattan Community College.
I started my photography journey in November 2017, I always loved my camera and I finally realized I can start my own business, with the enormous support of Nick. When I enrolled into school I first was studying nursing until I realized my photography business was doing way better than I thought. I changed my major to business management to get more knowledge about running my own business and to also get a job similar to what I did in the military.
My passion is capturing special moments for my clients. I always loved couple photography and since then I branched into many different photography styles. I love the outdoors and the beautiful scenery.
I would be honored to be your photographer, your friend!
Do you think we click? Let's chat, lets be friends! Let's tell your story.